Protect Yourself from Auto Theft & Effectively Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

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Auto insurance rates can be very high, so do your part to reduce them. You can protect yourself from auto theft and at the same time lower your rates. Talk to your insurance company about different discounts that they offer for various elements. For example if you part your auto in a garage rather than leaving it on the street you will find that you can get a lower insurance rate.

Those that steal cars or that break into them and remove items are looking for an easy target. If you don’t have a garage you should at least strive to park your vehicle in a well lit area. An anti theft device for your vehicle is a great way to prevent theft too. There are devices that lock the steering wheel and it can’t be moved until that lock is taken off.

There are also alarms that come standard with many of the newer vehicles. They give off a loud sound when someone tries to mess with the vehicle without the key. If your vehicle is older, you can still get such an alarm installed for a reasonable price.

A community watch program is a great way to deter theft of all types. This includes auto theft. If your community takes part in such efforts, put up signs and let potential crooks know they are being watched. You can place stickers on your vehicle too that tells then you have a great alarm system in place. VIN etching is also a method you can use to convey a strong message. That would require a car theif to have to replace the window with such information before they could successfully sell the vehicle to someone else. They aren’t going to take vehicles that require so much effort.

Keep in mind that you will likely have to ask about such discounts. When it comes to getting a lower auto insurance rate due to steps you have taken to reduce auto theft, be your own best advocate. It doesn’t hurt at all to ask your agent what is available. The amount of money you can save may surprise you. Believe it or not, many companies such as Allstate are doing things too that will help you to save money on your auto insurance rates.

For example they are one of the primary donaters for the bait car program. This allows potential theives to access vehicles but there is a hidden camera. The vehicle also won’t start and the doors will lock or it will stop shortly after they start it. This is a huge deterent for potential theives and it also gets many of them off the streets. The evidence is more than enough in a court of law so there is no question that they had every intent of stealing the bait vehicle they were captured in.

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