Top 4 Ways To Avoid Driving While Drunk

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Every year, the U.S. Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seek to reduce the accidents that result from driving while drunk. Driving drunk has all sorts of consequences for people, ranging from criminal punishments to higher insurance premiums to pay. This article will discuss the top four ways to avoid driving while drunk, as offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

1. Use a Designated Driver
If one knows he or she will have at least one drink for an evening, then he or she should always be sure to bring a designated driver. Even if a person does not expect to drink a lot in an evening, that person should still bring a designated driver to a party, concert, restaurant, or other venue. Using a designated driver will always ensure that a person is never forced to drive while drunk or even slightly intoxicated. This greatly reduces the chances that one will get into an accident due to drunk driving.

2. Hire a Cab Driver
If one ends up at a party without a designated driver and becomes intoxicated, then the next best step is to hire a cab driver. While hiring a cab may be expensive to one's budget, it will be far less expensive in the long run, because one will avoid an accident which would have cost thousands of dollars. In addition, one avoids the possibility of receiving a DUI and having to engage in jail time or pay bail fees.

3. Hosting Alcohol-Free Parties
If a host of a party truly wants to reduce the number of drunk drivers on a road, then one of the best ways to do this is to avoid handing out alcohol at parties. By not offering alcohol at parties, a host will not subject himself or herself to liability for an accident that results from the intake of alcohol at the party. In addition, a host greatly reduces the possibility that underage minors consume alcohol and then decide to drive drunk after the party.

4. Lock Away One's Keys
If one is going to a party and plans on drinking, then one should never even bring his or her keys to the party. Or, a host of a party should always be sure to take the keys of all individuals attending a party to ensure no one drives drunk.

These tips will all help people to avoid driving while drunk and when practiced, reduce the number of accidents that occur due to drunk driving.

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