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Top 3 Car Insurance Mobile Apps

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Ever since the explosion in popularity for mobile phone apps, all sorts of apps have been created. One of the most practical types of mobile phone apps is the car insurance mobile app. This sort of app can do everything from comparing insurance rates, to allowing a person to engage in important functions for a policy, such as contacting an agent. This article will discuss the top 3 car insurance mobile apps and reasons why a person should consider investing in such mobile phone apps.

1. InsPost

InsPost is one of the most popular car insurance mobile apps and is recommended and even used by many insurance companies. This mobile phone app allows a person to do many things, such as downloading an accident claims report and taking photos of car damage which results from a car accident. A person can also record another party's insurance information using this app. This app will also allow a person to send off important information in a speedy manner directly to an agent at an insurance company.

2. State Farm's Pocket Agent

This app will allow a person to access all of his or her information regarding a policy through State Farm. This app lets a person contact his or her agent, as well as directly file a claim. In an accident scene, it can be a comfort to have this app, since it allows a person to immediately fill out documents which pertain to the scene of the accident. A person can also access information regarding his or her account, such as when certain bills are due or how much a person's monthly bill is. This app even allows a person to do a plethora of other things, such as search for hotels or gas stations. A person is also able to find a local State Farm agent, if he or she needs to directly speak to an agent in person.

3. Mini Road Assist

Mini Road Assist is one of the best apps for filing an insurance claim. This app truly expedites the process of filing a claim, and allows a person to do a bunch of other useful things, such as contacting a locksmith if one becomes locked out of a vehicle. A person will also be able to contact roadside assistance through this app.

Overall, these are the top 3 car insurance mobile phone apps and are quite practical.

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Auto Insurance Discounts to Ask About

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Familiarizing yourself with auto insurance discounts can help to lower your car insurance premiums. If you know which discounts your state allows and the ones for which you qualify, you will know to ask about these discounts when requesting a quote for auto insurance. In addition, it is helpful to know which part of the policy will be discounted. This is important because if you only take out liability insurance, but you qualify for discounts that would be applied to the comprehensive part of the policy, then you won’t benefit.

Common discounts for auto insurance include discounts for being a safe driver and taking out multiple lines of insurance, such as insuring another car or insuring your home and car with the same insurance company. You may qualify for other discounts based on affiliation, such as being a member of a certain group. In addition, having approved safety equipment installed on your car may also qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance.

You can usually find out which discounts are allowed in your state by going to the website of your state’s department of insurance. For example, just some of the discounts the state of Texas allows include discounts for students with good grades, discounts for drivers who have approved antitheft devices installed in their vehicles, and discounts for drivers who take defensive driving courses.

Comparing the discounts different auto insurers offer can make a big difference in how much you pay for premiums. Knowing which ones are allowed in your state will give you a heads up as to which discounts to expect. In addition, when you know ahead of time which discounts to look for, you can change certain things so that you will qualify. For example, if you currently have your homeowner’s insurance with one company and your car insurance with another company, combining these policies with one insurer is likely to earn you a discount. By the same token, if your state allows discounts for taking defensive driving courses and you haven’t taken one yet, you might want to arrange to do so.

Knowledge is power when it comes to saving on auto insurance premiums. By equipping yourself with the right knowledge, you may qualify for multiple discounts.

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Five Ways To Save On Car Insurance By Being Safe

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There are many different ways to save some extra money on car insurance. One of the best, and perhaps the most obvious, way to save is to simply be a good driver. Good drivers are offered lower rates and a variety of ways to save, just for proving that they are safe on the road.

Five Ways Safe Drivers Can Save on Car Insurance:

1. Safe Driver Discounts
Many car insurance companies offer reduced rates to customers that have not been in an accident in the past few years. Many times, the longer a driver goes without an accident, the more perks they can receive. Some companies will offer money off of the driver’s deductible, while others will offer lower monthly premiums.

2. Safe Vehicle Discounts
Drivers can also receive discounts for driving a safe vehicle. Features like seat belts, air bags, and anti-lock breaks can help drivers obtain lower premiums. The safer the vehicle, the less of a risk it will be to insure.

3. Discounts for Taking a Defensive Driving Course
It’s never too late to learn to be a defensive driver. While teenagers frequently take defensive driving courses for lower insurance premiums, adults can take a refresher course as well. There are courses available for mature drivers that will also help adults lower their insurance premiums.

4. Discounts for Anti-Theft Devices
Being a safe driver doesn’t just mean being safe on the road. It means keeping your car safe at all times. Owning a car with an anti-theft device will usually qualify drivers for lower insurance rates. This is because anti-theft devices significantly reduce the risk of the vehicle being stolen. This will work to reduce a company’s risk of insuring the vehicle, since there is a decreased chance that they will need to cover the cost of a stolen vehicle.

5. Increase Your Deductible.
While the safest drivers can still get into accidents, customers that have a history of safe driving may benefit from raising their deductibles. A higher deductible can significantly decrease a driver’s monthly insurance premiums. However, this can be a bit of a gamble. Once a driver’s deductibles are raised, getting into an accident will be more expensive.

There are many ways that safe drivers can save on their car insurance. Most insurance companies are more than willing to reward drivers that have an accident-free history and take the necessary precautions to keep themselves, and their vehicles, as safe as possible.

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Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Car Healthy

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Your car is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. With this in mind, you should attempt to keep your car in shape as long as possible by taking preventative measures to keeping your car healthy. Below, you will find the top 6 ways to keeping your car in the best shape possible.

One of the most important ways to keep your car running healthy is to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Making sure that the oil levels are kept at the proper level is also important. First, turn your engine off and let it sit for five minutes. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean. Put it back in and pull it out again. Read the level and add more oil if it is reading lower than it should be.

Your air filter is another item that needs to be replaced often. It is recommended that it is replaced every 20,000 miles but should be done more often to maintain fuel efficiency.

Checking your tire pressure will ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle's tires. Tires that are under-inflated can reduce fuel efficiency, cause bad handling, and may even cause a blowout. Properly inflated tires will ensure that you are safe and will get you the best fuel mileage possible.

Driving your car gently can also keep your car from breaking down prematurely. Do not take off from stop lights as if you are in a race or brake hard when coming to stops. Try to accelerate gradually and brake from a distance.

If possible, try to avoid car trips that are less than 10 minutes. Short trips do not get the engine hot enough to evaporate water in the engine block. This causes dilution of the oil and the possibility of rusting. Try to drive around longer or add more errands to your trip to prevent this.

Make sure to keep your radiator full of anti-freeze and check that the levels are correct. Anti-freeze protects your car during the winter from freezing and will protect your engine from overheating during the hot summers.

Following these tips will keep your car running for a long time in excellent condition. If you keep your car healthy, you can avoid the need for costly repairs further down the road which can also save you time and money.

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Three Ways to Keep Your Car Safe

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Admit it we all love of cars, we eat in them and sometimes even sleep in them; for many they are a home away from home. Unfortunately, many of us neglect our cars and leave them to susceptible to break-ins by making common mistakes. Following several precautionary measures could be the determining factor as to whether or not your vehicle is broken into or not. Here are a few helpful ways to keep your car safe.

#1 – Never leave your car running when it is unattended.
As trivial as it may sound many people out there do it. Increasingly vehicles are most likely to be stolen at ATM’s, gas stations, and convenience stores because people are just “running in”. In some states leaving your car on while unattended is actually considered a crime.

#2 – Make your decision on where to park wisely.
Parking your car in the wrong place can be an open invitation for a thief. When possible park within eye sight of a business or a heavily traveled intersection; leaving your car in the open like this provides no shelter making a break-in more difficult. When in doubt look for a secure parking garage as your best option. Additionally, when you place valuable items in your trunk remember to park your trunk nearest the street or aisle if parking in a garage. With your car parked in this direction people passing by would easily be able to see a burglar trying to break in your car.

#3 – Load or remove your valuables before you reach your destination.
Don’t make your car a target by loading or hiding valuables in plain sight once you have reached your destination. Making this mistake basically allows a thief to take an inventory of every thing in your vehicle with no effort at all; a broadcast of sorts. By the time you reach your destination everything you must leave in your car should be well hidden and tucked away; the trunk or another safe locking compartment are the best options for valuables. Lastly, be reasonable with what you leave in your car. Anything that can’t be replaced should not be left inside.

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Top 9 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Car

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A car should be reliable since it is often very needed and called upon. The following is a list of nine ways to maintain a healthy car.

The first thing that should be checked and changed on a regular basis would be the oil. This can be done at home very easily or at a local garage. Most cars should have this done every 3,000 miles but this can vary based on the manufacturer. Be certain to follow their guidelines as to when to change the oil and what type is used.

The exhaust system should be checked frequently. When the oil is being changed, have this looked at as well. If there are any holes or loose connections, these should be taken care of right away.

Routine maintenance in addition to the oil change should be done. Again, the guidance of the manufacturer should be followed as to when certain things should be checked.

The battery of the car is important, so this needs to be in good working condition. The cables should be secure and tight, and the terminals should be clean and clear of build up. If there is any white buildup on these, they can be easily cleaned off with baking soda and a stiff wire brush.

The air filter needs to remain relatively clean. For vehicles that are in dusty and dry conditions, this may need to be changed more frequently.

The fluids should always be at the correct levels. This includes washer, brake, and power steering fluids. It is best to check these between oil changes and maintenance.

Tires must be inflated properly to give the best possible ride. If these are too low or overinflated, gas mileage can be affected and the wear of the tire can be affected.

Washing the car on a regular basis is not just for looks. A weekly wash will remove any excess salt and dirt on the car that can have long term effects.

Finally, the car should be parked in a garage if possible. Keeping it out of the weather will improve its overall health.

With these few things in mind, a vehicle will certainly last a long time and be a reliable source of transportation.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Establish a Relationship Between Pep Boys and Your Automobile

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Taking care of your automobile properly should be one of your top priorities. An automobile needs special care from its owner. A truck, sports utility vehicle, and car can last for years if they are well maintained.

All new automobile owners should be prepared to purchase parts at some point in time. Parts will begin to malfunction once they have exhausted the expectancy period of their effectiveness. Getting a routine service job from a mechanic also plays a role in owning an automobile.

Would you like to extend the life of your automobile? Would you like to minimize the amount you will have to pay for automobile services? Establishing a relationship between Pep Boys and your automobile will have tremendous benefits in the long run. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should take your auto to Pep Boys.

Friendly Staff

Pep Boy’s staff is well trained and courteous. Pep Boy’s appreciates every customer who enters the store. You will feel at home while you are shopping at Pep Boys.


Are you a novice when it comes to automobile issues? Pep Boys staff members have years of experience in automobile maintenance and repairs. You will be able to get answers to all of your auto related questions. Staff members will also be able to help you find the correct parts for your car or truck.

Quality Prices

Pep Boys understands that the current state of the economy may not be kind for all customers. One will find Pep Boys prices competitively low. Pep Boy’s also hold weekly sales and specials on car parts and services. One can easily save up to twenty percent on an oil change.

Well Stocked

Pep Boys stores around the country are well stocked. Managers of each store make sure that inventory remains at an optimum level. This is a virtue that is rarely found in other automobile stores.

Plenty of Bays

There are plenty of bays at each Pep Boys store. This allows Pep Boys to be in a position to assist six or more customers in the service department at the same time. It is not odd to see many cars being serviced at the same time at Pep Boys.

Maintaining your automobile should always be on top of your list. This will help keep your car or truck in excellent condition. Establishing a solid relationship with Pep Boys and your automobile will make it even easier.

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Do It Yourself Oil Changes

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In today's economy many people are looking for ways to cut back on costs in nearly every area of their lives. Things such as vehicle maintenance and home improvement are things that many are attempting themselves to save the cost of hiring someone else. One of those things include an oil change on a vehicle. If you have the right tools, the time and the know how, it is an easy task to accomplish on your own.

In some cases, an oil change that you do by yourself may not save you any money but it will save you time. Many people will purchase oil in bulk and keep it stored until the next oil change is due, saving money through buying in bulk. It is important to think about the disposal of the used oil as well when changing oil by yourself. Some auto repair shops will accept used oil and dispose of it for free as long as you are able to properly package it for transport to their facility.

Knowing how to do an oil change can be helpful. First, you need to make sure you have the appropriate tools such as an oil filter wrench, a wrench to fit the oil plug on the pan, a drain pan and usually a funnel for putting oil back in the car. In addition, you will likely need to jack up the car, so you will require a jack and jack stands to secure the car safely once it is jacked up.

Never change the oil just after you have driven the car. This can cause serious burns as the oil is hot. Instead, give it a few hours to cool first. Then jack the car up, support it with jack stands and block the back wheels to prevent it from rolling backwards. Now you are ready to begin.

Another important safety tip for do it yourself oil changes include properly securing the car on the jack stands. This will be helpful in preventing the car from dropping on top of you while you are underneath it. Using an additional stand under the axles or some use a cement block will assist in holding the vehicle in the air even if the jack stands fail.

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Bringing Your Car In For Repair Tips

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Keeping your car serviced and maintained is a giant step forward to ensure the vehicle will serve you well for many years to come. Regular service checks and timely repairs are in order for safe handling of the vehicle and the car's longevity on the road. To make the most of your car repair experience, follow some simple tips to save time and money while getting the quality service you deserve.

1. Know Your Car's Owner's Manual
Sometimes what seems to be a mechanical error is just a misapplication with the operation of the vehicle. A responsible owner should know what every button and lever does in the driver's seat to avoid the misunderstanding that the vehicle has malfunctioned and is in need of a costly repair.

2. Maintain Like Clockwork
Your car needs regular maintenance to perform at its peak condition and give you peace of mind that the essential equipment is working correctly. Have your car checked for spark plugs, oil changes, tire rotation or replacement, and be sure you understand the length of use for the factory installed timing belt. Taking care of your vehicle with the basic maintenance will save you significant money on a surprise repair down the road. It's better to spend a little bit of money a few times a year for maintaining your car than to shell out big bucks for a major repair.

3. Find A Mechanic You Can Trust
Your options for fast and efficient car repair include taking your vehicle to the dealer for servicing or seeking out a local mechanic with a stellar reputation. It pays to do your homework and research your service and repair businesses by reading consumer reviews and calling around for price quotes. There are pros and cons for each choice, such as the dealer mechanics may be the most the experienced working on your type of vehicle, however, their repair rates tend to be higher. Similarly, a good local mechanic may bend over backwards for your business and turn out to be an expert at your individual mechanical needs.

4. Get It In Writing
Auto repair verbiage can be a nightmare for the car owner that knows nothing about mechanics. Be sure your repair shop technician or manager explains the repair process in detail and that you ask plenty of questions. If you budget is limited, you must communicate to the mechanic that you want only the essential work done at the moment. The proposed work should be detailed on the written estimate to include parts and labor, with no surprises at the end of the deal. In addition, be sure to ask how long they will keep your vehicle in case you need a rental car or have to make transportation arrangements for work.

5. Order Your Own Parts
For non-emergency mechanical work, you may opt to find the best bargain deals online for parts and avoid a costly increase in the repair shop bill. Ordering your own car parts from online wholesale or auction type supply venues will often cut down the repairs to meet and exceed your budget. Delivery of the products and parts may take several days to a week to arrive, so be sure the parts you order are non-essential to the safe and sane operation of the vehicle. By having your own replacement parts in-hand and ready to go not only saves you money, but it will enable the mechanics to work on your vehicle right away and get it back to you at breakneck speed.

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8 Safest Cars In The World

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With more cars on the road every day, and each new year bringing groundbreaking advances in technology and luxury, we find ourselves returning time and again to the question that really matters. Safety. Which cars can best protect us and our families?

With manufacturer claims running wild and a myriad of self-promoting advertisements at every turn, it's hard to tell who's really on top these days. Luckily, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released their picks for 2011's safest cars, and the results might surprise you.

The IHSS bases its evaluation, what it deems 'crashworthiness', on 4 distinct criteria. Each car is given a rating of poor, marginal, acceptable or good, based on how it performs in high-speed front and side crash tests, how well the seat restraints protect against head and neck injuries in collisions from behind, and how well the structure and overall safety of the car holdup during a rollover. The cars are broken down into groups based on size and model, and are then ranked on their overall crashworthiness.

The tests have been given and the results are in. The winners are…

Large Car: Buick LaCrosse

Midsize Car: Audi A3

Small Car: Chevrolet Cruze

Minicar: Ford Fiesta

Minivan: Toyota Sienna

Large SUV: Volkswagen Touareg

Midsize SUV: Audi Q5

Small SUV: Honda Element

And there you have it, the 8 safest cars of 2011 tested and ranked by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It is interesting to note that of all the winners, only one isn't a repeat from 2010. The Chevrolet Cruze in the sole new car on the block, dethroning the Honda Civic and stealing the title of Safest Small Car.

It is also worth mentioning that the safety afforded by these vehicles is not comparable across model and size categories, as heavier and larger cars generally grant more protection in front and side crashes. This is not to say that small and midsize cars are inherently unsafe, the ones listed above are as safe as they come, but if you are looking for the absolute pinnacle of protection during your morning commute, think BIG.

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