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Review: Droid X on Verizon

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Motorola Droid X e1293209385110 Review: Droid X on Verizon

So you want to treat yourself with a nice phone from Verizon – what are you going to pick? Will it be a Blackberry or an Android device? Verizon has plenty of Blackberry phones but they are starting to feel a little dated, since they haven’t changed all that much since 2006 in terms of looks and what you can do with one. The one only that’s trying to catch up to more modern phones, is the Blackberry Torch, but unfortunately it’s not one of the speediest phones you can get right now.

Luckily, Verizon has several good options for Android phones, and one of the best is Droid X from Motorola. The Droid X is an Android 2.2 phone, with :

  • 4.3″ touchscreen
  • 854×480 resolution
  • 1 Ghz OMAP 3 CPU
  • PowerVR SGX 535 GPU
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • 16 GB microsSD card
  • 720p HD video recording
  • 8 megapixel camera, 2 LED flash,
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi,
  • BT 2.1
  • GPS

So now that we know the specs, what is it that makes this phone better than other phones in a significant way? The most obvious different I think is the screen – 4.3″ is the biggest size you’ll want on a phone. Any bigger than that should be a little too big for your pocket, and also too big for most people’s hands.

But is it really necessary to get a phone this big? Won’t you be able to do the tasks just as well on a 3.5″ or 3.7″ phone? I think about it this way – you get to compromise on a lot of things  on a phone, that you can do better and faster on a tablet for example. So the smaller the compromise, as in the closer in size a phone is to a tablet, the better your experience with the phone will be.

You’ll be able to browse the web better, play your games better, and use all your apps without having to squint your eyes or worry about having too big fingers for the tiny icons and virtual buttons.

Another big benefit of the Droid X is that it has a significant amount of internal storage, which seems to be very rare these days on Android phones. 8 GB of internal storage should be good enough to satisfy your needs for all the apps you’ll want to install. You can always save the pictures and videos to your SD card, but most apps still need to be installed directly on the internal storag, without being able to send them to your SD card, as most Android users know already.

If you’re looking for a great Android phone on Verizon, you can’t go wrong with Droid X.

Do WP7 Phones Pose a Threat to the iPhone?

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WP7 vs iOS 4 e1293126211481 Do WP7 Phones Pose a Threat to the iPhone?

The iPhone was the first multi-touch phone to revolutionize the mobile industry, but at the end of the day it’s just a phone and can’t fight with an army of other phones that run other popular operating systems like Android. That Android is going to beat iPhone’s OS in market share, which is obvious, but the question is will the new Windows Phone 7 OS affect iPhone’s sales as well, considering it’s also a pretty good OS that can be used by many manufacturers?

The iPhone has been a very successful device on its own, considering it’s only one device sold by a one company. But can it win against many phones with the same OS? I think this depends on how popular that OS will get. If nobody wants WP7 phones, then the iPhone has nothing to worry about regarding its market share. The thing is I think the top 2 smartphones OS’s will end up to be OS’s used by many companies.

Since so far we have no other quality OS that is used by many companies besides Android and WP7, then it’s safe to assume that these operating systems will be the dominant ones a few years from now, while all single company operating systems will be relegated to niche status, even the iPhone OS.

B ut things might not be so simple, though, because iPhone is still a fierce competitor in the smartphone space, and the fact that the iPad and iPod Touch are very successful products as well, it only helps to give the iPhone some sort of halo effect.

The more success Apple’s other products that use iOS, the more successful the iPhone will be, too, because it will keep the developers on the platform and whenever they build an app for iPad for example, they will build one that works on iPhone and iPod Touch as well, extending what an iPhone can do, which in turn leads to more iPhone sales.

I don’t think the Windows Phone 7 devices pose any kind of threat to the iPhone right now, and as far as the future goes, it all depends on how bad Microsoft wants this, and how fast they’re going to improve their OS so they can keep up with the othrs. Microsoft is not exactly know for speed of developing, the smartphone market is moving very fast today.

Which Will Be the “Windows” of Smartphones: Android or WP7?

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android wp7 e1293045351560 Which Will Be the Windows of Smartphones: Android or WP7?

Microsoft has dominated the PC world for so long with over 90% market share, and neither Linux, nor Mac OS could put a dent in its market share. For all purposes Microsoft has had complete domination of the PC market. But will they manage to have this kind of domination in the smartphone market as well? First, we need to see why the smartphone market so desirable for Microsoft, and for Google, too.

Computers have moved from very fixed machines to very mobile machines, if you look at their evolution from the mainframe computer up to the smartphone. The size has also gotten much smaller, and they’ve become more personal. The PC was a more personal computer than the mainframe or the mini-computer, the laptop wa even more personal, and now smartphones are the most personal computers of them all. They know a lot of things about you, including your location, if you allow it to know this.

It looks like the smartphone will be the ultimate computer of the future (at least for the next decade or two) as you can always have them with you, while laptops, and even tablets, while portable, they are still used most of the time at home. The smartphone is always with you in your pocket, and as such it’s going to be the most used “computer”. This is why Microsoft wants to dominate smartphones as well.

Why does Google want to dominate smartphones and why are they even in this market? Because owning the operating system can give you a lot of power of what you can do with your services on that OS. They can do whatever they want with their services on the OS, so of course they want to own the market, too.

Now, which mobile OS can actually become the Windows of smartphones?

While Microsoft has a lot of money to promote the Windows Phone 7 operating system and also the brand name from the PC market, they’ve arrived late to the smartphone market, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to catch up to more established operating systems like iOS or Android. While, iOS is ultimately a niche OS, because it’s used only by one manufacturer, Android will be used by all manufacturers, and this is already happening all over the world.

WP7 can also be used by all manufacturers, but the stage has been stolen by Android because Microsoft arrived late with it. Plus, WP7 costs money to use on phones, and it’s also proprietary so manufacturers can’t do what they want with it. They have to follow strict conditions imposed by Microsoft, including strict hardware requirements, which doesn’t leave them much to compete on with the other manufacturers.

Perhaps, if Microsoft launched WP7 2 years ago, Android wouldn’t have gotten such mindshare and popularity, but now Android simply offers too much value for consumers and manufacturers to be replaced by Windows Phone 7.

How iPhone and Android are Changing the (Mobile) World

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android iphone 300x200 How iPhone and Android are Changing the (Mobile) World

Nobody can deny it that the The iPhone has revolutionized the mobile industry. How can you tell that the mobile industry has been revolutioned, and how can you know that it’s the iPhone that did it?

It’s simple. All high-end smartphones now are a lot different than they were a few years ago. Firstly, they all have huge screens and almost no buttons, they have more powerful operating systems with more powerful applications and the user interface is a lot simpler and easier to use for most people. Compare this with what we had a few years ago, when smartphones were only used by techies and business people and professionals that needed them for work. For everyone else, they were too complicated to use. They’ve also brought us the full web in our pocket.

Now that we settled how things changed, all we have left is to track when things started going in this direction, and I think most people would agree that all this started with the iPhone, and continuing with the competition trying to make the same type of phones, until everyone was making  phones like this.

But there’s another player in the mobile market that is starting to change things in the mobile industry and that is the Android operating system. The iPhone is just one phone, and the phone market is huge, with 5 billion people owning one. The iPhone has barely managed to scratch the surface and it’s Android OS the one which in the end will manage to dominate the global phone market, in a similar way in which Windows has managed to dominate 90% of world’s PC’s and laptops. If Microsoft’s vision was “a Windows PC on every desk”, Google’s vision is “an Android phone in every pocket”.

Android works the same way the iPhone does, with little fundamental differences, but what’s revolutionary about it, is that it’s a mobile operating system that can be used by every phone manufacturer out there, to cut huge development costs with their own quality OS, and to tap into Android’s already huge ecosystem of apps, developers and media attention.

At this point in time, it doesn’t make sense anymore to create your own OS, because Android is a high quality OS, with a lot of features, and it’s improving too quickly for anyone, even a big company to keep up with it. So why would they bother wasting resources like this when they can use it for free an modify it for their own purposes. And even if they did create a “better” OS, the market is already saturated, sides have been chosen, and it’s clear from Android’s hockey stick growth that it can’t be stopped and it’s on its way to become the Windows of mobiles.

By becoming the Windows of smartphones, Android will unify the whole phone industry, the same way Windows did it with the PC’s, although there will always be some competitors, but that is a good thing because we don’t want Android’s improvements tot slow down.

Things to Be Considered While Choosing Cell Phone Plan

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Cell phone usage has increased tremendously in the past few years. To keep in pace with growing demand of phones, several new models have been designed in different colors, shapes and sizes. Besides aiding in communication, these phones also help you send text messages, check and compose mails and even shop online.

It is not exaggeration to state that cell phone is indispensable in our lives. Having realized this fact, several users, several service providers have established themselves in the market. Purchasing a cell phone is not at all a big deal as they are available in all price ranges. However, the most daunting task is choosing an appropriate cell phone plan. Choosing a wrong plan would penalize you with huge bill amounts. Hence users should first get themselves familiar with the various plans offered by providers.

Let us look at some of these plans in detail for better understanding:

• Prepaid plan: This kind of cell phone plan is apt for people who do not speak for hours together on phone. Generally prepaid plans do not obligate the customer by any kind of contracts. The user is completely free to purchase required talk time to speak over the phone. This kind of cell phone plan gives customer complete freedom as he has no obligations towards the service provider. However, the only hassle with this kind of plan is that customer needs to recharge his mobile every time his talk time gets exhausted.
• Family plans: The advantage of choosing this kind of cell phone plan is that user can enjoy shared minutes and network calling within the group.
• Post paid plan: As the name itself indicates, this kind of cell phone plan works on monthly billing system. This is useful for people who speak for prolonged period of hours. Since this is a billing model, user need not worry about exhausting his talk time while speaking to others.

No individuals are same and so are their requirements. To match these requirements, different companies have come up with different cell phone plans. For instance if you are a regular traveller, you may be looking for a cell phone plan that offers roaming services and complete coverage irrespective of the place in which you are located.

There are several companies offering wide variety of plans. In order to choose the best and most appropriate plan, user needs to compare cell phone plans, analyze their pros and cons and finally choose the best one. Your primary usage determines the kind of cell phone plan you need to choose. If your cell phone is your main source of communication then you need to choose a plan that offers roaming facility, free long distance and free nights minutes.

Estimate your potential usage while choosing a cell phone plan. Do you make more number of calls or send more number of text messages? Questions like these are very crucial in choosing the best cell phone plan.

Sony Ericsson 300i – User Submitted Cell Phone Review

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This phone is really amazing. The Airtel network has a wonderful service all through the world. The keypad is really flat and the fingers glide on it especially when I am messaging. The demand for this phone is excellent as it has very good features for music.

Nokia N97 Mini – User Submitted Cell Phone Review

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Excellent smart phone. Fantastic touch screen which can be customized to our requirements. Storage capacity is amazing and the internet access from the phone is lightening quick .

Samsung Gravity – User Submitted Cell Phone Review

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This phone is okay. It would probably be a lot better if it wasnt on T-Mobile, as since we switched to them we have lost a lot of calls. I love the fact that it is a texting phone, it makes life soo much easier for myself as well as my Mom who has the same phone and recently because of this phone has learned how to text herself!

Samsung r451c Recon – User Submitted Cell Phone Review

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This cell phone is just what I need. It’s very simple and affordable, and the reception is clear almost anywhere I go. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good phone on a budget.

Nokia Nuron – User Submitted Cell Phone Review

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I recently got this phone. The phone can be slow when opening folders or loading apps. One big problem I had at first is that i had to enter a message center number or else it wouldn’t let me send messages. Despite the downs, it has its ups too. It has a simple and a touch screen. The phone has gps. internet, theme compatible, great music player and games!

It seems if everyone has a cell phone these days. There is a slew of new cell phones every week it seems. Learn more cell phones and wireless providers here.

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