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There’s no question about it, if you’re going to buy a new Android phone right now, it should be the Samsung Nexus S. Every year, Google works to make a smartphone that they think can offer the best Android experience you can have on a phone – and they’ve succeeded so far with the Nexus One, and now the Nexus S.

What makes the Nexus S so great? First of all, it’s the software. It comes with the latest and greatest Android version yet – Android 2.3 a.k.a. Gingerbread. While Gingerbread isn’t coming with a slew of improvements, it does come with a few that make it a significant improvement over the previous Froyo version.

The most important one would be the improvement in overall performance. The Nexus S comes with improvements to touch events and garbage collection which makes the software perform significantly faster than ever before and it makes the Samsung Nexus S the fastest Android phone on the market right now.

Another big improvement is the one done to gaming API’s, which should make it much easier for game developers to make games for Android and we all know that Android is lacking a bit in this department compared to the iPhone, at least.

Hardware wise, the Nexus S contains some of the best components on the market. It comes with a 1 Ghz CPU, a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU (currently the best), 16 GB of internal storage, Super AMOLED at 800×480 resolution, 5 MP camera on the back, 1.3 MP camera in front, NFC chip, gyroscope, and the usual connectivity such as GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

Nexus S is more or less a Galaxy S model hardware wise, and the real novelty here is the NFC chip which you’ll be able to use for mobile payments as soon as that infrastructure is in place. Unfortunately, right now it isn’t, so you won’t find much use for it, yet. It’s still good to be future-proofed, though.

The design of Nexus S is pretty slick and has a subtle S shape from bottom to the top – even the screen is curved a bit to fit this shape. Battery life is pretty good, better than most Android phones in fact. This could be because it’s running a better version of stock Android. Some skins might draw some extra power if they are too heavy on the interface.

Even though a lot of people expected the Nexus S to set the standard once again hardware wise, with a dual core processor, this phone still is the fastest Android phone around and you’ll also have the huge benefit of getting your future Android updates straight from Google instead of waiting for months after the manufacturers and carriers.

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