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Nokia, since its very inception has been amongst pioneers in cell phone technology. The journey which started in 70s has sky rocked with every passing decade. Today Nokia has established itself as an undisputed leader in the mobile phone market. Many of its products now figure amongst the world’s best.

Here are some of the renowned mobile phones of Nokia:

Nokia N91: This mobile phone stands out as an excellent music player instrument. It has got 4 GB of storage. It has got excellent Voice and messaging capabilities. It has got 2 mega pixel camera. Its interface is very user friendly, controls are easy to operate and its music transfer feature is renowned. One the flip side, its keypad looks a bit cramped and has got an average battery life. This gem of a mobile phone is worth 600 US$.

Nokia N73: This phone is a dream come true for photography lovers with its excellent camera. It has got excellent calling and messaging features apart from being blessed with nice multimedia options. Although it scores not too strongly on memory. This cell phone is worth 500$.

Nokia N95: It has got first rate GPS phone, camera phone, media phone and just simple, basic phone. Its screen is very modern and state of the art. It has been provided with 3.5mm headphone jack and stereo speakers, which can be used to listen to the music at its loudest. N95 is considered as the most complete phone coming from the stable of Nokia. To top it, it has been attractively priced. It is worth only 350 US$.

Nokia N93: The highlight of this phone is its high class picture taking capability. It is also blessed with excellent video recording feature. It’s calling and messaging feature is top notch. The disadvantages with this model are its big and bulky size and there are some software bugs in it. This mobile phone is worth 700 US$.

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