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Cell Phone Plans | Overview

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662820 mobiles Cell Phone Plans | OverviewThere are many options to choose from when selecting a cell phone plan. All of the major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile offer family or shared plans and individual plans.

Family plans can be considerably more cost effective if you have more than two cell phone lines in a household. On a family or shared plan, all the cell phones on that account share a certain number of minutes. No individual phone is limited to a certain number of minutes unless you specifically impose parental control limits. A comparison of carriers shows the plans to be comparable for the family or shared plan with 700 minutes. AT&T, Verizon and Sprint all offer this plan for $69.99 which includes 2 phone lines. T-Mobile offers a 750 minute plan for $59.99 including 2 phone lines. Additional lines are $5/month for T-Mobile and $9.99/month for the other three carriers. AT&T allows you to “rollover” any unused minutes for up to twelve months which keeps you from incurring additional charges if your family goes over the allotted number of minutes in a month, up to the number of rollover minutes available. While most of the carriers offer a higher usage plan, it is not easy to compare because none offer the same plan as the other carriers.

Individual plans are more cost effective for households with two or less cell phone lines. A 450 minute plan (500 minutes for T-Mobile) will cost you $39.99/month with additional minutes costing about $.40 – $.45/minute.

Messaging and data usage are something else to consider when choosing a cell phone plan. If you do a lot of texting or surfing the internet, consider including an unlimited messaging or data plan. Unlimited messaging or data plans are available as part of individual plans or family plans. Otherwise, plan to pay for each text sent and received and each kilobyte used when accessing the internet.

Regardless of the plan you choose, all carriers require a two-year contract and an early termination fee if the service is discontinued before the end of the two years. All have an activation fee of $35-$36 and all offer free nights and weekend minutes although the time this starts is different for each plan.

For a family of 4, if each member had the individual 200 minute plan from Sprint at $29.99/month, the monthly charge would be $119.96 plus taxes, and each member would be limited to his own 200 minutes. If that same family used the Sprint 700 minute shared plan, the monthly charge would be $89.97 ($69.99 plan includes two lines plus $9.99 each for two additional lines) plus taxes. The family plan would give the family a total of 100 less minutes but the savings would be significant.

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How to Choose the Right Cell Phone Plan?

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Nowadays cell phone has become a very common accessory. In fact they have become part and parcel of our lives. Besides being convenient and handy, cell phone offer amazing services to its users. Right from making and receiving calls to SMS, weather report, email services and online shopping, cell phones make everything possible thus they help us in staying connected with our friends and family members.

In order to meet the growing demands of users, several service providers have established themselves in the market. Purchasing a cell phone is not at all a big deal as they are available in all price ranges. However, the most daunting task is choosing an appropriate cell phone plan. Choosing a wrong plan would penalize you with huge bill amounts. Hence users should first get themselves familiar with the various plans offered by providers.

Let us look at some of these plans in detail for better understanding:

• Prepaid plan: This kind of cell phone plan is apt for people who do not speak for hours together on phone. Generally prepaid plans do not obligate the customer by any kind of contracts. The user is completely free to purchase required talk time to speak over the phone. This kind of cell phone plan gives customer complete freedom as he has no obligations towards the service provider. However, the only hassle with this kind of plan is that customer needs to recharge his mobile every time his talk time gets exhausted.
• Family plans: The advantage of choosing this kind of cell phone plan is that user can enjoy shared minutes and network calling within the group.
• Post paid plan: As the name itself indicates, this kind of cell phone plan works on monthly billing system. This is useful for people who speak for prolonged period of hours. Since this is a billing model, user need not worry about exhausting his talk time while speaking to others.

No individuals are same and so are their requirements. To match these requirements, different companies have come up with different cell phone plans. For instance if you are a regular traveller, you may be looking for a cell phone plan that offers roaming services and complete coverage irrespective of the place in which you are located.

There are several companies offering wide variety of plans. In order to choose the best and most appropriate plan, user needs to compare cell phone plans, analyze their pros and cons and finally choose the best one. Your primary usage determines the kind of cell phone plan you need to choose. If your cell phone is your main source of communication then you need to choose a plan that offers roaming facility, free long distance and free nights minutes.

Estimate your potential usage while choosing a cell phone plan. Do you make more number of calls or send more number of text messages? Questions like these are very crucial in choosing the best cell phone plan.

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RIM BlackBerry Tour2 9650

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RIM BlackBerry Tour2 9650 RIM BlackBerry Tour2 9650

The new “RIM Blackberry tour2 9650” will become the need of the hour very soon due to its high profile qualities. It is using the 5 grade operating system of blackberry and it is a GSM quad band phone with global roaming along with CDMA dual band and UMTS European/Asian 3 G type of network.

Originally its model was not confirmed and this smart phone was termed as Blackberry tour 2 but now everybody would be familiar with its model as it is gaining the status of interest in conversations. It will be a new generation mobile phone in the RIM Blackberry family and we hope people will give it the same attention as they are giving to the previous RIM blackberry family members. This mobile phone has a full QWERTY keyboard and one amazing thing is its original high quality Blackberry browser with respect to connectivity facilities.

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RIM BlackBerry 9930

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RIM BlackBerry 9930 RIM BlackBerry 9930

“RIM Blackberry 9930” commonly known as blackberry slider is the new gossip around the streets. As it is a very fresh and totally new set so clear cut specifications are not released in order to maintain the suspense and curiosity among customers. It is a sliding phone with a highly visual touch screen.

Full portrait QWERTY keyboard is also a part of it. As the name indicates the phone will be available in black color with a pearly touch in it. Li-ion battery is installed in the new RIM Blackberry 9930 which is now available in every high quality mobile. Typically made for business oriented people but will attract others as well due to its comfortable usage. RIM blackberry 9930 will be a high graded smart phone having CDMA dual band network, MP3 player, internet aids and a proper, easy to handle blackberry operating system as its software.

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Motorola i365IS

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Motorola i365IS Motorola i365IS

It is for the first time that any company has so much focused upon military facilities in a mobile. Motorola i365IS is such a phone by Motorola Company, specially designed for military purposes.

This phone will prove to be a tough companion in any hazardous area where resistance from humidity, blowing rain, shock, dust and vibration would be required. By observing the phone we can see that it is in a candy bar form structure. The value added features of this mobile phone includes ultra loud speakers which would help to communicate the highly important military conversations. The phone is also aided with Motorola’s iDEN push-to -talk technology which will help in group coordination.

The MOTOtalk facilitates by using Motorola i365IS as short term two way radios in case of no network coverage area. The phone has long battery of 140 hours of standby time that runs on a Li-ion battery.

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Motorola i1

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Motorola i1 Motorola i1

Hello moto…yes Motorola is again in the sky highs with the new Motorola i1. TELUS mobility plans to launch it in the mid of 2010. It will rock your world as it has PTT and PTX features installed in it. Motorola i1 will prove to be a hidden treasure for you as you will find immense dazzling features whenever you will tend to explore it. It is the first mobile phone with iDEN android technology and runs with android 1.5 software.

The specifications of Motorola i1 includes A-GPS , 2.5 mm audio jacket, flash light v3.1, 5 mega pixel camera, quality Wi-Fi, 2.0 stereo blue tooth and a capacitive touch screen. Accelerometer and proximity sensor are the additional and unique features. The color that will be available of the new Motorola i1 is the elegant black with curved sides which reflects and shines to add to its beauty.

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LG Remarq

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LG Remarq LG Remarq

LG Remarq is a new type of phone by LG Company that will be soon launch in the market. It’s new and unique in the sense that it is at the same time broad width phone and sliding as well. Mostly sliding phones are slim in structure but LG have given its beloved customers this beloved LG Remarq.

The colors of LG phones are always very attractive and same is the case with this new LG Remarq. It is available in dark silver or turquoise color which we are sure will mostly attract teen agers and ladies. LG Remarq will be considered among the most high-fi phones ever produces by the LG Company.

It is a full time package. The phone is full of extravagant features including a sliding full QWERTY keypad, 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom and 2.1 stereo Bluetooth with easy access to internet facility.

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HTC Touch Diamond2 CDMA

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HTC Touch Diamond2 CDMA HTC Touch Diamond2 CDMA

Hats off to HTC Corporation as this time they have done a really fantastic job in the form of “HTC Touch Diamond2 CDMA”. A favorite name for this mobile is ‘HTC Topaz’ which is actually its codename. This is something more than just a simple smart phone as very distinguishing features are made part of it.

The most exciting feature is that it will run with ‘windows mobile 6.5’ operating system which is considered a must appreciation in the field of mobile technology. Another exciting feature is that it will have Li-polymer battery installed in it rather than the typical Li-ion battery. Further features tell us that it utilizes 3.2 inches wide resistive touch screen with enhanced resolution.

There is good news with respect to battery time because HTC Touch Diomond2 CDMA ensures its customers with 5 whole hours of happy talking and also 312 hours of stand-by time.

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HTC Nexus One CDMA

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HTC Nexus One CDMA HTC Nexus One CDMA

“HTC nexus One CDMA” is the new generation mobile phone of HTC Corporation introduced in the market by Google. It is a ‘slate’ smart phone. Slate in the sense that it is a candy bar phone with minimal buttons as it has a wide touch screen and also a virtually designed keyboard.

Nexus One uses the android open source operating system which is surely one of its characteristic features. It will be really easy to work on the new HTC Nexus One CDMA due to its high resolution 5 mega pixels camera, having an extravagant memory of 512 Mb RAM as well as 512 Mb ROM. It also has a predictive text input system. Surely it would be a great treat in the form of a single smart phone. So what are you waiting for, just grab yourself a new HTC Nexus One CDMA and get started!

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HTC Hero 2HTC Hero 2

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HTC Hero 2 HTC Hero 2HTC Hero 2

HTC Corporation has always taken care of the needs of its valued customers and this time it has fulfilled the dreams of its young and trendy customers. Yes girls and guys HTC Hero 2 is all which you could desire for. It is the third android product from the HTC Corporation and this is one of the reasons of its fame. HTC Hero 2 is a smart and sleek phone with an artistic touch. It is available in black with a stylish design. The ‘multi’ touch screen has a 3.2 AMOLED technology as you all might be familiar that no latest mobile is complete without it.

The specifications of the new HTC Hero 2 takes accounts of a 320 x480 resolution, 5 mega pixel camera, android 2.1 operating system, music player and fm radio as well. The individual features of the camera includes LED, geo tagging and auto focus.

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