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Motorcycle riders should have a grasp of what their motorcycle insurance policy covers. Some have the option of insuring their bike with the same agent who insures their car which can provide a nice multiple policy discount. In general, a motorcycle insurance policy will cover riders for any bodily injury or property damage that occurs while they are operating a bike. Rates can vary greatly from one policy to another and from one rider to another, so it is best to shop around to get the best coverage for a good price.

The premium charged on a motorcycle insurance policy is based upon the type of bike insured, the age and driving history of the rider, and the number of miles the bike will be used during each week. Some insurance companies offer policies that also cover a rider’s helmet and other gear like boots, jacket, and pants. This is important safety equipment that protects not only the rider, but also the insurance company’s interests. Quality riding accessories have armor and are constructed of durable materials that can protect riders in the event of an accident. Habitually riding with such equipment should help keep the cost of insurance premiums down.

Choosing some optional motorcycle insurance coverage may also be wise. Policies which cover a guest passenger, uninsured or under insured motorists, and custom equipment that is added to the motorcycle as after-market accessories are all good extra precautions that should be considered by riders. Whatever specific coverage is selected, riders should keep in mind that having an adequate amount of insurance to cover an accident is the ultimate goal and is well worth the monthly cost.

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